• Craft a unique and engaging corporate website for VCFloor that embodies the brand’s distinctive identity and innovative approach to flooring solutions.
  • Develop a sophisticated virtual visualizer tool that allows users to seamlessly experiment with various flooring and wall designs, providing a realistic preview of their choices in different settings.
  • Highlight VCFloor’s multiple city locations and extensive product offerings through dedicated city-specific pages, ensuring tailored content and services for each region.
  • Create detailed product pages for each flooring option, emphasizing unique features, material quality, and suitability for various spaces, from residential to commercial projects.
  • Ensure the website features an intuitive and user-friendly navigation system, making it easy for customers to explore different products and find the perfect flooring solution.
  • Optimize the website for local search visibility to attract a wider audience.


Create an engaging online presence for VC Floor, a premier flooring company with multiple city locations. Blend aesthetic appeal with functional design to offer a unique digital shopping experience. This website, designed and developed by the iTShark Digital Agency, will serve as a comprehensive destination for customers seeking quality and variety in flooring solutions. Integrate iTShark’s niche-tailored CRM system LeadCycle¬†and a chat widget to effectively capture, nurture, and close leads, ensuring a seamless customer journey from initial interest to final purchase.
This project aims to deepen relationships with clients and drive both satisfaction and sales by consolidating the essence of VC Floor’s brand identity with an innovative and customer-friendly platform.

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