Professional Web Development Services

IT SHARK is a web development services company that provides all kinds of custom website development services and has enough experience and expertise to tackle a project of any complexity. Over the years, we have come up with a set of unique solutions. Still, we prioritize a custom approach and always start your design from scratch, taking aspects such as your target audience and your style into consideration.

What Is Custom Web Development

Custom web development solutions are the ones that were developed for you as a client. While working on such projects, we aim to grasp the very essence of your brand and enable your design solutions to embody it. Among other things, custom professional website development allows you to choose the functions you need and get rid of the ones that are excessive.
Our team of skilled website developers knows everything about the importance of design in attracting customers. We will be glad to apply all this expertise to your benefit.

Why Custom-made?

While choosing existing patterns may be faster and seem less expensive, it actually means that you get tons of things your business does not require and have to pay for maintaining them, too. Therefore, the first reason why you should go for custom design is that it allows you to make acknowledged decisions about what your website includes.

The Web Development Services We Provide

IT SHARK is a web dev company that provides all of the web design services you can think of!

Creating Responsive Solutions

It is absolutely crucial to ensure that both your website and your app work properly, regardless of what gadget they are opened on. Therefore, a responsive website by a development company is a must-be established feature that puts extra effort into making sure that you are always accessible to your users.


We know how important appearance is when it comes to attracting customers. Our web developers will help you create the image you want to associate with your brand as well as make your website engaging.

App Development

Creating apps is crucial for being successful in business these days. We are a responsive web development company that applies a custom approach to app development. We can put all of your ideas into practice by creating a perfectly responsive app to make your company even more accessible.


You can rely on our programmers to fully cover your project — we have coding experts in our team that provide full-stack services and work with all sorts of programming languages. They use Java, PHP, HTML 5, JavaScript, CSS, React, Node JS, MSSQL, etc.

Search Engine Optimisation Services

It is not only the website but its content that matters a lot. We can take care of your SEO and make sure that you are always visible in search results.


If you only need back-end development, we can help you too. Our team of web developers has experience in using various databases to ensure the smooth running of all of your processes. Our professional web development company prioritizes the result as well as the speed of our work.

MVP development

Help your idea get off the ground with the ability to test first!

The Development Process We Go Through

The vast experience we have has allowed us to come up with the right set of actions that enable us to make our results successful.


No one is perfect so we do trust our QA engineers on making sure the design and development stages are smooth and everything works perfectly well. They check up on function, security, responsiveness, etc.

Updates And Control

Creating a great design is not the end but rather the beginning of your relationship with users. Regular updates and performance analysis can ensure that you are always one step ahead of your competitors.

Developing the project

To fulfill all the ideas into practice, our developers start making the magic with the code using previously defined tech stack. Specialists working on your project may vary depending on your needs and project’s complexity.

Understanding The Client

Proper communication is the key to any successful product. We prioritize your ideas and make sure we understand them before starting the work. After all, no one knows your users like you do.


Once we have finished all the prior stages, we can get you ready for a safe launch. Start your website with us and rely on us for its maintenance to keep your users happy.

Design Creation

At this stage, we apply all our creative forces to create a design that meets all your requirements. Our professionals know how to ensure that your design is user-oriented, immersive, and appealing.

IT SHARK Approach

We believe that listening to our clients and understanding their perspectives is the key to any successful cooperation. Once we combine our expertise with your fresh vision, we can create a true masterpiece of a website!

Our Expert Team of Web Developers

We are proud to work with the best experts in the area who combine creativity and professionalism. All our experts have vast experience in creating custom designs and know how to enhance your business.

The Technology Stack We Use

The modern market is full of offers, and it takes a lot to find proper technology. We will help you choose the most beneficial stack and use it to its fullest.

Web Software We Have Build

Our custom web development company has worked on various kinds of projects. Check our portfolio on our web development company website to learn more about it!

How To Recognize a Bad Web Development Company

Unfortunately, not all web development agencies work as well as they promise. Here are the most common issues you might face:

  • Not meeting your budget limitations
  • Not providing an appropriate level of information security
  • Poor communication
  • Poor quality
  • Not providing all the necessary documents
  • Failing to meet your deadline

Our Testimonials

Check what our clients say about our custom web development services.

Whom We Work With

Check the different industries we serve in Canada and beyond.


Read the most popular questions our customers have about our services.

Can I get a free consultation?

 Sure, you can contact us to get a completely charge-free consultation from one of our experts. This includes discussing your concept and analyzing your project.

How expensive are your services?

 The price of each project depends on its complexity. You can contact us to get a full estimation and be sure that no extra charges will appear afterward.

How long does it take to complete a project web development?

 The time that each project takes to finalize depends on its complexity. On average, it varies between three weeks and six months. You can contact our web development agency to get a full estimation.

Will I get updates on my project’s progress?

Of course, our website-making company provides regular reports that include all the information about your project. We use the medium of your choice and the regularity you prefer.

Who owns the code once it is finished?

 You get all the ownership due to the fact that your original concept is used for its creation. It is ensured with all due documentation.

Will your design go through all the necessary testing?

 Yes, our quality assurance team provides all the proper testing before launching your website. With our web development firm, you can be sure that no issues go unattended.

Why is custom web development a better option?

 With a custom website development company, you have control over the appearance of your website and can align it with your brand. You can also choose the features you need.

Is building a mobile-friendly website important?

 It is crucial for your website to be responsive, as it allows more users to use it with comfort as long as they have an Internet connection, regardless of what gadgets they have at their disposal.

What are the advantages of full-stack web development?

 Full-stack development allows us to control all the processes and ensure that it works as one system in accordance with the strategy we have developed.