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iTShark Genesis: Combination of Innovation and Transformation

Like most great things, iTShark came into existence as an urgent need for innovation and transformation in the digital world.

Alex Ikhno, a full-stack software developer from Pandell Technology, envisioned a digital agency that would revolutionize web development, software solutions, and digital marketing in Canada. It was this vision of redefining the way businesses think about their brand identity and digital presence, which gives any brand the ideal platform to communicate with consumers, that sparked the birth of iTShark.

The name “iTShark” symbolized the sharp, predatory instinct for innovation and staying ahead of the curve that the founders wanted to instill in their company, much like a shark in the depths of the information technology ocean.

Transformation and Expansion
Evolutionary Leap: From Web Design to Complex Digital Solutions

As iTShark continued to grow and evolve, it became evident that the marketing agency needed to diversify its web design services to deliver more value to its customers. Thus began the period of transformation, where the team began introducing a wider array of digital services, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), web design, and branding.

Fast forward to 2023, iTShark has grown exponentially, boasting a strong team of over 25 experienced developers, designers and SEO professionals. iTShark’s services have diversified, but their core focus remains: developing customized software solutions and delivering top-tier digital marketing solutions.

Recognizing the potential to broaden its horizons, the company worked on integrating automated processes, designing, and building customer-centric technology solutions. This period of transformation brought about a reinvigorated iTShark that was as flexible as it was dynamic, matching the ever-changing digital landscape.

The iTShark logo, depicting a shark with sleek lines and sharp angles, became synonymous with the company’s dedication to innovation, flexibility, and constant progression.

The Current iTShark
Shaping the Digital Future: iTShark’s Path to Success

Since its beginnings, iTShark has grown substantially in business, industry insights, and employee relations. The company is now a leading digital agency in Vancouver that offers high-quality technology consulting, custom-built web solutions, software development, mobile app development, online advertising and digital marketing services in general.

The fusion of Alex’s software development expertise, business development and marketing skills is evident in iTShark’s approach to its services. The company leverages intelligent and relevant data combined with an agile approach to tackle complex challenges its clients face, thus accelerating digital impact across various industries.

Today, iTShark remains true to its initial vision: to be a relentless force in the digital world, continuously evolving, innovating, and providing value to its clients. Our goals remain clear – innovation, business needs satisfaction and operational excellence. This ethos, combined with the team’s unmatched expertise and commitment, drives iTShark’s growth and success in the digital world. Like a shark in the ocean, iTShark keeps moving forward, embodying the spirit of progress and dynamism.

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We’re different and we know it. Here are the top five reasons our customers say our full-service web agency stands out like an island to a castaway and goes above and beyond client expectations.

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We Believe In The Power
Of Strong Team

UI/UX designer

Marina is a powerhouse UI/UX designer at iTShark, blending user-centric designs with contemporary aesthetics effortlessly. Her knack for creating immersive and user-friendly digital experiences sets her apart. Marina’s keen eye for detail and commitment to staying abreast of the latest design trends ensures that our digital solutions are always ahead of the curve, setting the standard for innovation and usability.

UI/UX designer

Kate, our in-house UI/UX designer at iTShark, masterfully bridges the gap between functionality and aesthetics. Known for her innovative designs, she crafts digital experiences that are visually stunning but also intuitive and user-friendly. Always on the pulse of the latest design trends, Kate continually raises the bar, pushing the boundaries of creativity while ensuring optimum user engagement.

Front-End Developer

Meet Andrew, our in-house front-end wizard at iTShark. With an innovative mind and a knack for converting complex designs into seamless user experiences, he is instrumental in shaping the digital interfaces that captivate our clients’ audiences. His creativity and technical prowess make him a true shark in the ocean of front-end development.

Full-Stack Developer

Meet our full stack wizard Serge, an artistic coder who weaves seamless digital tapestries. With an alchemy of creativity and logic, he expertly navigates both the front end and back end of web development, delivering comprehensive solutions that perfectly blend aesthetics and functionality.

Full-Stack Developer

Vitalii, our full-stack developer at iTShark, is a coding virtuoso with an uncanny ability to navigate both front and back-end development seamlessly. His comprehensive understanding of digital architecture ensures he delivers robust and high-performing solutions. With his relentless pursuit of learning the latest technologies, Vitalii consistently contributes to iTShark’s repertoire of cutting-edge digital services, solidifying our standing in the tech landscape.

SEO/SMM expert

Meet Jackson, our savvy SEO and SMM specialist at iTShark. With a keen eye for detail and an uncanny knack for deciphering Google algorithms, Jackson expertly navigates the ever-changing digital waters to keep our clients at the forefront of their industries.

Link-building specialist

Meet Jackson, our savvy link-building maestro at iTShark. With an intuitive knack for digital connections and creating high-quality backlinks, he’s the driving force behind our robust SEO strategies, propelling our clients’ sites to the top of the search ranks. Jackson’s ability to navigate the complex web of online relationships is as cool as it is effective, making him an invaluable asset to our dynamic team.


Meet James, our in-house iTShark writer. A maestro in the art of copywriting, he has a knack for spinning compelling narratives that engage, convince, and convert. His creativity is only outshined by his strategic thinking, ensuring every copy he crafts resonates perfectly with our client’s target audiences.

Alex iTShark

Meet Alex, the tech-savvy founder of iTShark. He’s a visionary who effortlessly navigates the depths of technology, innovating and evolving with every wave of change, always ready to make a splash.

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