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It’s an ocean out there, and the tides are always changing. Finding the best options for creating your online presence and marketing strategy makes the difference between treading water and surfing the perfect wave. We’re here to make sure it’s smooth sailing all the way with our full-service web agency.

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Digital Marketing Studio Services

Your online presence needs to have a little, shall we say, bite to it. Our skilled designers, developers, and digital marketing experts will help you navigate the waters of strategic planning and online marketing to make an impact with your ideal client.

A beautiful webpage just skims the surface of what your site can do. From conversion landing pages to e-commerce – you’ll make ripples in your industry.

Imagine your business as an empty aquarium. Branding and design are the rocks, shells, and grasses you add to attract and provide a great environment for the fish.

Bridge the expanse with a custom app that becomes a fluid part of your business model and your customer’s lives and more importantly – deliver results.

To catch a whopper, you’ve got to have the right bait – in the online world, that starts with a crystal-clear marketing tactics and aligned execution.


Our Portfolio

We are passionate and excited about every project we work on. Here are a few that have broken the surface as some of our favourites as a marketing solutions agency.

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Why clients love the iTShark

We’re different and we know it. Here are the top five reasons our customers say our full-service web agency stands out like an island to a castaway and goes above and beyond client expectations.

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Our Technologies

We offer only established and proven technologies to meet all your business objectives.

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Great design is all the in the execution. Our team of elite designers work with the most advanced systems in the world to create stunning end results.

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Front End Development

Make a splash, with user experience-focused methods and the most responsive platforms available to for an end product that looks as good as it feels to use.

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Frameworks & CMS

A website that doesn’t perform is like a sailboat without wind. Our experienced team always has functionality in mind, and we use software that allows for scalability and will stand the test of time.

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Mobile Development

Businesses that stay afloat in the rapid flow of new technology prioritize mobile presence for websites and apps. We can get your business at your customers’ fingertips.

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Serving businesses throughout Canada via office in Vancouver, we are always happy to have you drift in to one of our locations, or feel free reach out via email or phone.

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    Who Is the iTSHARK Digital Marketing Services Agency?

    We believe you should always have the opportunity to look beneath the surface of the professional digital marketing company you’re working with to get to know who they really are and what they stand for. That’s something we help our clients with, and we do it ourselves, too.

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