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At IT SHARK, we have all the expertise in developing mobile applications and websites. Years of experience in the market allow us to conduct efficient analysis and apply all of it in our projects.
If you know how important mobile accessibility is for modern businesses, you know that finding the best professionals is crucial. Contact IT SHARK to start working on your new project and get the best service!

The Pitfalls Of Mobile Phone App Development

While it may seem straightforward, mobile application development service has many pitfalls it takes experience to avoid. These are some problems clients encounter:

  • Facing a lack of professionalism in the team, they get service from
  • Creating complicated solutions that users are reluctant to revisit
  • Not being sure whether it is wise to implement cross-platform mobile solutions
  • Failing to fit deadlines and budgets

Luckily, our mobile app development company knows how to tackle all these issues and make you happy with the results you get.

What Sort Of Apps We Develop

Our custom mobile app development company works with all sorts of applications, regardless of how complex they are and what kind of features you want them to have. We also use various mobile application development software.

Banking Apps

Mobile banking has become an integral part of our lives. Not only do they make it unnecessary to wait in lines, but they also make tracking your expenses much more effortless. User-friendly apps can attract more clients and incline clients to investigate their financial potential.

Healthcare Apps

Whether they help you track your habits or assist you in nutrition, healthcare apps can make a significant change to the way users live their lives. We ensure that our mobile device application development is easy to use and helpful.

E-commerce Apps

It is not an exaggeration to say that the past few years have led us to the golden age of e-commerce. Our mobile app design and development make it easy for businesses to promote their products.

Entertainment Apps

Whether it is about augmented reality, games, communication, or TV, our app agency makes our apps accessible and ensures that users can enjoy themselves wherever they are.

The Platforms We Use

We use multiple platforms for mobile application design and development to ensure that all clients can use our product, regardless of where they are and what kind of gadgets they use.


We use innovative technologies to create iOS apps with reliable performance and high scalability. We serve the following products besides iPhones:

  • iPads
  • Apple Watches
  • Apple TV
  • App Clips


We develop all kinds of applications for Android, making sure that they are responsive and stable:

  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • Apache CouchDB
  • MongoDB
  • MS SQL
  • Redis

Hybrid Platform

Creating cross-platform apps allows you to get more visibility and attract more customers. Therefore, we make hybrid mobile apps as attractive for users as possible.

The Steps We Take As a Custom App Development Company in Canada

Years of experience on the market have allowed us to come up with an ultimate plan that allows us to move from the concept to the finished product quickly and effectively.

Coming Up With The Concept

Creating a Design


Developing an Application

Every mobile app starts with a mobile app idea. Of course, it inevitably goes through countless alterations on its way to being released. However, that initial concept stage is one of the most important ones as it gives us a clear understanding of the goal we set for ourselves.

We analyze the market, brainstorm UX UI design ideas, and create prototypes that later go through rigid tests. It allows us to turn the creative process of developing design into effective work.

Our QA team conducts all of the necessary tests to ensure that the app is ready for deployment.

Our coding team develops the app in a way that will later make it reliable and responsive.

The Benefits of Working With Our App Building Company

Of course, there are many companies you can work with. However, if you prioritize the result, you should always look for the best team. These are the reasons that make our custom mobile application development company stand out:

  • We have developed a unique approach to creating mobile applications that our clients find compelling
  • We offer reasonable prices without compromising the quality of our products
  • We work with various platforms and can tackle tasks of multiple levels of complexity
  • IT SHARK has a big team of experts who create designs, write code, and provide professional consultations
  • You do not need to look for other specialists when you work with us — our team already includes all of the professionals you might need
  • High-quality QA testing
  • We always prioritize your time and make sure to meet your deadlines regardless of how rigid they may seem
  • Hundreds of successful clients have left positive feedback about our performance
  • We create responsive cross-platform development solutions
  • We value communication and ensure that our clients always feel supported

Our Testimonials

Read what our clients think about our mobile app development service.


Do you monitor the performance of mobile apps?

Yes, we make sure that our apps are constantly monitored to avoid problems in performance.

Do I get ownership of the source code after the app development mobile app project is completed?

Yes, as the author of the original idea, you get full ownership of the code.

How long does app development take?

The answer depends on the complexity of your project. In general, it takes between three to twelve months.

How expensive is mobile app development?

The answer is – we don’t know ) It depends on the complexity of your project. But we are pretty good at estimations! Contact us to get a fair quote!



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