Award-winning Custom Web Application Development Services from IT SHARK

Boost your online presence and build brand credibility with the IT SHARK web app development agency. By working with us, you get advanced technologies, talented developers, and creative and tailored solutions to help your business take over the market!

Custom Web App development in a nutshell

A customized web app is a way to create a unique platform that helps digitalize your service or product, automate business processes, and build stronger brand-customer connections. Our award-winning web application development agency empowers companies to extend their outreach with web apps, attract targeted audiences, and extend business possibilities with out-of-this-world solutions.

Make An Impact With Our Custom Web App Solutions

IT SHARK web app development company finds tailored solutions aiming to raise brand conversion and boost revenue. We serve various business niches and company sizes, from startup and small-growing businesses to global enterprises.

Front - end development

Our user-centric approach allows our designer’s craft stunning visuals and feature-rich experiences to elevate your brand and improve customer service.

Enterprises web app development

Our experience working with multiple industries gives us the upper hand to come up with optimized and efficient web app solutions to automize enterprises’ work processes and let the stakeholders focus on growth strategy.

Custom web applications

Nothing will put you ahead of the competitors as our custom web app solutions are tailored considering the market movements, brand identity, and your rival-brands digital strategies.

Back - end development services

Our crew ensures the core of our web apps acts like a reliable source to handle dynamic data loads, provide flawless performance, and secure database management.

E - commerce products

As a part of our web app development services, we construct a product to fully digitalize your retail business or create an independent online store. By giving you access to state-of-the-art technology, our team guarantees that your e-commerce project will have all the means to take over the market.

SaaS app development

Our Software-as-a-service experts offer secure, innovative, multi-tenant solutions to satisfy your business needs and connect your brand with the audience on a deeper level.

PWA development

Our crew designs mobile-friendly progressive web apps suited to any browser with no loss in performance, speed, or functionality to give customers an equally excellent experience.

Our Step-by-Step Process of Crafting Responsive Web Apps

We provide tailored web apps that meet all your needs and align with the brand’s identity. Take a peek at our web application development process:

End-to-end development

Our developers and designers carry on with building a web app.

Designing a plan

After learning your expectation and researching the market, our teams design tailored projects and build the work plan.

Validating a prototype

We craft an interactive mockup to demonstrate the end goal of development and improve the prototype till we get a WOW effect from you.

Picking the right technology solutions

Getting to know your vision

Running tests and deploying the final product

We choose optimal tools, frameworks, back-end, front-end, and databases based on the project’s complexity and specific requirements.

We start with a comprehensive consultation where we learn the visions in your head and what business requirements and needs you want us to help you solve.

After several tests and ensuring product quality, we deploy the final version on the platform of your choosing.

Core Elements of Our Web Apps

The benefit of web application development software is the automatization of many business processes that let entrepreneurs focus more on marketing and growth strategies. Here are the essential pillars of an efficient web app:

Enhanced security

With an optimized cybersecurity strategy, all the crucial data stays protected from being compromised during hackers’ attacks or breaches.

Authentic UI/UX design

Stunning user interface and suburb user experience designs guarantee a rise in conversion rate and increased sales.

Robust functionality

Efficient and easy-to-navigate functionality and top-notch features determine top-quality results and customer satisfaction.

Seamless integrations

Using cutting-edge native technology, we guarantee seamless integration that ensures your web app runs smoothly.

Web Application Development Expertise you can get with IT SHARK

We want our partners to succeed, more conversions, and increase their revenue and return on investments. Therefore, as a web application development company, we introduce unique solutions and features that transform the user experience. We ensure that the web app gets recognition on the global market by using all tricks in the book. Our crew implements the following to keep you ahead of the curve:

  • Online payment getaways
  • Push notification
  • Mobile-focused interface
  • Live chats
  • Analytics dashboards
  • Social Integration

Technology We Leverage

Our crew uses only out-of-the-box tech stack to guarantee our partners outstanding web application development service.

Front end

  • React
  • Angular
  • Vue.js


  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • Apache CouchDB
  • MongoDB
  • MS SQL
  • Redis

Back end

  • Python
  • .NET Core
  • Node.js
  • Entity Framework


  • SOAP
  • WCF
  • ASP.NET Web Services
  • Web API
  • REST


  • Google Cloud
  • Azure
  • AWS

Perks of Web-based application

Digital reality requires businesses to implement app development solutions to stay on top of the game. No matter if you’re a startup or a global enterprise, the web application is a way to extend outreach, digitalize your service, and gain a competitive edge with the app that:


Remote services and cloud libraries ensure that all the crucial data, like personal customers’ information, financial transactions, and reports, are safely stored and can get restored even if the device was compromised.


Web apps offer customers accessibility, meaning they stay connected to your brand’s services or products at any place and time.


You don’t have to stress about updates, as all needed fixes and innovations are introduced from the server side.


Not only you’re getting a unique web app aligned with your brand identity, but its scalability allows the product to grow as your business evolves.

What do we do to guarantee data security

We earn clients’ trust because we understand the priority of cybersecurity solutions. Here is what we do to keep our product safe from data breaches and cyber threats:

For App Security

  • Securing source code
  • Reviewing attack vectors
  • Improving app architecture
  • Scanning for system vulnerabilities

For Data security

  • Compliance with industry regulations
  • Data encryption
  • Leak prevention
  • Endpoint safety

For customer security

  • SLA guarantees
  • Providing pre-certification support
  • Implementing IP protection policies

Why partner up with IT SHARK for Custom Web Application Development?

Finding an outstanding custom web application development company is a daunting task. Here is why brands trust our crew with their valuable ideas:

  • Multi-industry experienced team
  • Skill to execute any specific requirements
  • Full confidentiality
  • Transparent communication to keep you in a loop
  • Talented and friendly experts
  • Zero missed deadlines, only on-time delivery
  • Ultimate technical competency

Latest client cases feedback

Explore what our partners have to say about cooperating with IT SHARK.

Our Multi-Industry expertise

Our senior team has years of experience serving various industries and business niches:

Retail & E-commerce


Healthcare & Wellness



We empower brands with innovative digital solutions like CRM, ERP, and CMS platforms to optimize the business workflow and boost customer service for both online and offline projects.

IT SHARK assists fintech companies to stay ahead of the curve with results-driven development, providing banking software, trading platforms, loan management systems, and more.

Our crew provides various app development services for the Healthcare industry, from personal health trackers and fitness apps to PMS and EHR systems to optimize facilities from within.

We ensure the E-learning process is optimized and efficient by applying cutting-edge technology and making education more accessible.

Our team provides businesses with tools to optimize the shipment and delivery process and make the supply chain work more efficient and transparent.


How long does app development take?

The development process can take longer depending on the specific requirement and project complexity. Yet. the average time to build a web app is four months.

How do you stand out among competitors?

IT SHARK web app development company adopts new-gen technology to deliver stunning products. Our agile and dynamic approach allows us to deliver award-winning results, boost partners’ revenue, and increase conversions.

What is the average cost of web app development?

Unfortunately, there is no defined answer, as the price depends on the complexity, functionality, featured technology, and delivery time. Reach out to our rep to get a free quote!

What types of web apps do you build?

We specialize in legacy HTML apps, widget web applications, web portals, and simple single-page ones.



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