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Mrs. Clean | Cleaning Company Reliable Cleaning, Serving Alberta 10+ Years, No Hidden Fees, Attention to Details

Professional Cleaning Company in Calgary

Corporate website for Mrs. Clean, which is a part of SKIA MANAGEMENT GROUP – a group of companies established to serve Canadians in various industries (residential cleaning services, commercial services, nannies services, aging and long-term care).


Mrs. Clean’s corporate website is a unique and dynamic platform for the cleaning company. With its sleek and custom design, it not only showcases the company’s services but also offers a personalized experience to its customers. For example, the website includes a unique calculator that calculates an estimated service cost based on the customer’s specific needs.
In addition, the e-commerce feature allows customers to buy Gift Certificates for cleaning services conveniently. These customizable features make Mrs. Clean’s website stand out and provide a comprehensive customer solution.


Technical Specifications

Website Solution: WordPress + Custom Web Design and Development + WooCommerce
Technologies: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL
Services Provided: UI/UX Design, Web Development

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