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We developed Web platform and Mobile App for top-rated cleaning company in Canada – Doubleclean Inc.


ItShark has redesigned the authentic brand identity for a top-rated residential and commercial cleaning service provider in Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver and helped create an accessible and responsive Web platform and Cross-platform App to manage DoubleClean’s operational stream to convert this awesome job into increased revenue in the long term.
Through a set of smart features and an all-in-one web platform and App, our DoubleClean solution gives access to extensive possibilities to keep track of their operational data, assign tasks and intelligently monitor the progress of their cleaning processes through the build-in “GPS Fence” feature, access reporting and communicate effectively with cleaning staff and customers.


Technical Specifications

Mobile Development Stack – 
Dashboard: Vue.js or React.js
API: Lumen + PostgreSQL + GraphQL + Redis + NodeJS
APP: Dart/Flutter

Platform: iOS, Android

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